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FCPXML Guides and Sample Code:



This is an amazing project and platform to develop your own plugins on!

CommandPost is a completely free and open source Mac application that allows you to seriously speed up your creative editing process through powerful and customisable automation tools - it’s basically Automator for editors. It’s currently focussed on Apple’s Final Cut Pro - however the road-map is to add useful functionality for other tools we use on a daily basis, like Adobe After Effectsand mocha Pro.

Final Cut Pro X FCPXML Parser

Reading fcpxml files using Python

Converts automatically FCPX timelines into Motion projects


Changes paths in an fcpxml to point to transcoded media (proxy and high quality media) if it can be found.

Remove Element
Remove elements from an fcpxml

Converter for Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut X XML Project Files


Fast titles is a tool online to import massively subtitles for Final Cut ProX and Final Cut Pro 7 via XML

A script for adding hotkeys to Final Cut Pro X

Pipeline is a Swift framework for working with FCPXML files easily.


Tool to generate FinalCut projects with presentation slides. The basic use is recording how long each slide is displayed during a lecture, then it creates a FCPX project with images / slides set to the length used during the lecture.

Final Cut Pro XML Project file Parser

Set of Misc Video Tools

This is a compilation of a bunch of scripts and small helper tools that I use to process and manage movies and other media in Apple-style MPEG-4 format. It also contains some scripts for Final Cut Pro X project maintenance. Among them are:

Pipe in a 48kHz stereo s16le PCM stream. Uses QuickTime to convert to AAC.
Compares MPEG-4 files with regard to the tracks they contain and their metadata.
Takes anything HandBrake understands and encodes to canonical Apple-style MPEG-4 with my custom x264 options.

Normalizes XML exports from Final Cut Pro X to make them suitable for diff’ing.
Process XML exports from Final Cut Pro X, reporting and sanitizing some of my personal pet peeves in projects, like forgotten keywords.

The scripts need a couple of tools along their way. You can place them right here into the project directory, because this will be in $PATH. The Makefile will help you collect everything needed or recommended.


Opens an fcpxml (from Apple FCP X) and modifies the multicam clips to add all audio angles.


Opens an fcpxml (from Apple FCP X) and modifies the asset elements to contain enough audio information to be used properly by any audio elements

A Nuke Studio importer for Final Cut Pro X XML

FCPX Parser
Parse filenames out of a FCPXML file.


FCPX Subtitle Tool:

XML to Fusion

Final Cut Pro X Marker Converter

FCPX currently doesn't export markers to Compressor... super lame! This app converts markers from a .fcpxml file to a .txt file that can be imported into compressor.


Open Source API and interchange format for editorial timeline information. FCPXML being worked on and developed right now.



GLSL is the OpenGL Shader Language, used to program parts of the OpenGL Rendering Pipeline. It is used in 3D graphics but also for hardware accelerated image and video effects. GLSL2FxPlug lets you embed your GLSL fragment shaders into FxPlug plug-ins which can be used in Motion and supposedly in Final Cut Pro.  In general this isn't a very difficult to do, it's even in the FxPlug SDKs examples. GLSL2FxPlug does two things to make things easier and faster: First of all it automates all steps from Xcode project generation, up until installation of the plug-in. Second it uses a simple macro-style language to annotate meta information and to connect GLSL uniform variables to parameters, which then are used for control and automation in Motion.  GLSL2FxPlug isn't designed for professional FxPlug development, more as a tool for creative coders to easily bring their GLSL skills to Motion/Final Cut Pro to create GPU accelerated video effects.